Remembering Where My Treasure Is


After a little hiatus I am slowly working my way back to my blog and social media world. I started off with She Perseveres as a way to share my journey, my faith, and be a support to other women. But as soon as I felt like I was spending too much time trying to see how many likes, how many followers, and how many shares my post were getting I realized I had strayed from the purpose of She Perseveres. I am not here writing and creating for me or for likes, shares, and followers. I am here because I believe this is where God has called me in this season of my life. He doesn’t care how many likes I have he cares about the intention of my creativity and how I can use that to share my faith. My journey is first my relationship with God, next my relationship with my husband, and then my relationship with my children.  I realized the more time I was spending on building up this social media foundation for She Perseveres the more time I was losing with all three of those main aspects of my life. I’ve been refocusing my attention on my priorities and letting everything else take a break. I am so glad I was able to do so. So thanks for all your support and for hanging in there with me!! During my little break our family has started a new chapter of our journey that we are all enjoying and I cannot wait to share all about it!


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