The Busy Mom’s Guide to Alone Time with God

Busy Mom’s Guide to Alone Time with God

As moms no matter what our situation is we all have at least one thing in common, we are always so busy! We often wonder where the day went when we look at our to do list that has not been completed at the end of the day.

This week I have been trying my best to be more intentional in finding alone time with God. A time I can really sit and communicate and open up with God not just a time to read a quick devotion or a few scriptures. It seems like so many moms wake up early before their kids for their quiet time with God or Bible study time. I have tried and failed many times at trying this route.

For starters most, days at least 1 of my kids is up by 6 AM so getting up before then is never happening. I have never been a morning person! Now as a mom of four then throw in some insomnia, a baby and 4 year old who I am pretty sure hate to sleep at night and you will always find me soaking up every minute of sleep between the hours of 4 AM to 6 Am.   

So if you are like me and rather stay up all night then wake up 30 minutes early I have some ideas of other times through out your day that you can spend your quality time with God!

1.      Nap/Quiet time. We have a nap time and/or quiet time every day at our house. Sometimes everyone sleeps and sometimes no one sleeps they just lay and rest quietly. They may be in their beds or they may be watching a movie while the baby sleeps. But I NEED this time for so many reasons as a stay at home mom who homeschools. This quiet time is the perfect opportunity for mommy to have some alone time with God!

2.     Kids Free Play. Because we homeschool, we like to take breaks in between a few subjects throughout the day. In the morning we usually do a few subjects just after breakfast then take a break. The kids have “free play” in their rooms at this time. This allows me to clean up from breakfast and sneak a few extra minutes of alone time in my Bible.

3.     Lunch Time. If you are a working mama lunch time is the perfect opportunity to have some quiet time with God. You can have alone time in your car, at your desk, in your designated lunch area in your office, at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

4.     After Dinner. Maybe you have some time in the evening in between dinner and bed time ask your spouse to take over homework, bath time, or whatever your usual routine is and use that time as your alone time with God. It does not have to be every day maybe even once a week.

5.     TV Time. My husband’s way to relax is to just watch TV. But my Type A Mom Brain does not work like that. If the TV is on, I need to be doing something else like scrolling for new DIY projects for my husband to do on Pinterest, or scrolling Instagram, searching for a new wardrobe on Pinterest, just anything else. So why not pop in some headphones and cuddle up on the couch with your Bible turn on some praise and worship music and open up to God.

6.     Kid’s Bedtime. After the kids go to bed and stop coming in for hugs, water, bathroom breaks, repeat… use this as your alone time with God. Let the dishes and laundry pile up another day. Sit down with your Bible, journal, and the chocolate you’ve been saving all day and pour your heart out to God.

7.     In the Waiting. Whether you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment, work appointment, sports practice, school pick up line take advantage of that quiet car or waiting room and pull your Bible out.

8.     Middle of the night. Maybe you are like me and survive on less than 4 hours of sleep more than you would like to admit. Instead of lying in bed scrolling Pinterest or trying to solve every life problem you have at the time grab your Bible and spend that quiet time with God.

9.     Set aside. Take the time and set aside one night a week or maybe a month and ask your spouse or a babysitter to take over for an hour so you can go be in your room or leave the house for some quite time with God.

10.  OTHER TIPS: Have your supplies ready! Gather your Bible, Journal, pens, highlighters or whatever is your Bible Study style and place them in a basket, bag, or bin so they are ready for any opening in your schedule. Use headphones and some praise and worship music to drown out any interrupting noise. Have a Bible study, devotional or other reading materials ready and place them with your Bible. 



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