Hey Mama!

Summer is here! Finally sunny days and pool parties are here!

While summer often means extra family time that can also mean extra frustration and leave us mamas with zero patience and ready for a break from summer break!

If you find yourself exhausted, impatient, frustrated, angry, yelling, and dealing with some major mama guilt I have a FREE gift for you!

Download this FREE 31 Day Bible Challenge of Encouragement for the exhausted, impatient, frustrated mama!

I think being open and honest is so incredibly important. That being said I know so many are struggling with drug abuse and addiction. They may not know where to turn to for help. If you find yourself or your loved ones in this difficult situation please reach out to www.drugrehab.org they have amazing resources and help waiting for you and your situation. Especially if you are a Mama to be please seek help, check out this article, The Effects of Drug Abuse on Pregnancy and know you can persevere.

With Love and encouragement,