Do you want to know who you are? Join a community of women just like you! Discover who you are by trusting God, our Creator, to define who you are.This devotional will be life changing as you begin to understand who God has created you to be. No matter your age or season of life if you are a woman this book is for you! If you are a high school student, college student, single woman, married woman, mother, or grandmother this devotional will encourage you to live as the daughter of the King you were created to be. Megan Wurzelbacher shares her journey of overcoming hardships and discovering who she is through God. She encourages other women through this devotional to trust God and allow him to define who they are despite what they may think about themselves, what others may have said to them or about them, or who they have become because of their life’s circumstances. By understanding that God has created each person for his special purposes we can better understand who we are truly created to be. Join Megan on this journey of trust and complete this life changing devotion all while gaining an amazing community of women who are there to encourage, inspire, and love you along the way!