Incredibly Real

Our kids have been counting down to see Incredibles 2 so we had a special day planned for them. We surprised them with some Incredible 2 goodies and lots of candy to accompany our (very) late night movie fun! Everyone had cute little super hero mask so of course I had to get a picture. We had a great night but it was not a perfect night.

I have said it time and time again I want to share my journey but I want to share my real every day life not the cute picture of the super hero and a cute caption. I want to share the reality of the super hero picture so other moms realize there is no perfect mom and no perfect children.

I love the saying, “Having a bad day does not make you a bad mom.” This season of life is hard work but it is so worth it even in the midst of tantrums, arguments, and tears. We all have our bad days, both moms and kids. Before this picture was taken there were lectures, meltdowns, fighting, time outs, yelling and a lot of bribing. But even though this picture does not tell the whole story of how we had a mentally and emotionally straining day this picture will be the memory our kids remember.

 So mama even if you feel like you are failing and you feel like every family moment you try to create is ruined by reality its not true! You kids are going to remember these moments and only think of how their mama planned a special night for them. They are going to remember how everyone including mommy and daddy had matching super hero tattoos. They are going to remember eating loads of candy while staying up too far past their bedtime. They are only going to remember the fun they had as a family not the little moments of a tired and stressed out mama.

Don’t give up! Keep planning family fun and try to let go of expectations all while soaking in these little memories. It breaks my  heart to think one day soon they will be too cool to hang with mommy and daddy while sporting super hero tattoos and matching mask.


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