Our Homeschool Journey

The first thing people usually ask when we tell them that we homeschool is, why. In the beginning, our why was much different than it is now. Our oldest son was approaching preschool age. I had worked in daycare and preschool for 5 years prior to getting married. I knew if at all possible I wanted homecare for my own children. Nothing against daycare/preschool or parents who choose that route I just knew it was not for me. Not to mention I was working full time outside of the home and attending college full time when my son was preschool age so our daily time was limited together. At that time I could not imagine dropping him off at school.

I began reaching out to friends that were public school teachers. I asked their opinions on preschool at home was it actually necessary to send him to a preschool program. After a ton of conversations, suggestions, ideas, and resources I began researching it myself. I had the experience working in a daycare and preschool for so many years. I also had the education, I started my undergrad major as early childhood education but later switched to psychology. Thankfully my husband was completely on board.

As I began to research and find activities we could do at home I soon found a ton of homeschool resources. Of course the idea of homeschooling to me was the stereo-typical version. Lots of kids, jean skirts and/or jumpers, lots of religion, and super socially awkward kids. But as I began to research more about it I was completely impressed and intrigued.

Before my son was kindergarten age I knew God was actually calling me to homeschool. There was no question about it. Now all I had to do was convince my husband that I would not be investing in jean jumpers any time soon. I was so nervous, he played sports through school I figured there was no way I could talk him into it. I brought it up and he simply said yes, I agree, I think its a good idea. I was shocked! So our journey continued.

Little did I know three years later our life would change drastically. My husband was offered an amazing career oppertunity. Downside he would be traveling full time. The traveling depended on where the project was, it could be in any state at any time. He took the job.

So here we are now a family that travels full time, with four kids, we homeschool, and we love it. Still no jean jumpers but a lot more leggings and yoga pants.