Hey Sis!

Hey Sis!

You know I find this whole Sis thing being a trend hilarious. Because, in my family I’m pretty sure every girl was nicknamed Sis, Sissy, etc… so I’m all for it being the cool thing to say now.

So because I call my own baby girl Sis, sissy, sissy girl and a million other cute nicknames she might realize I’m actually a cool mom!


Until she sees my awkward social media videos one day. (Which I will be posting soon!)

Check me out on IGTV because I need your help Sis! I have a favor and need all the input you ladies want to give!

I’m working on a new blog post that may actually take a few posts and I wanted some input and opinions…that’s where your help comes in!

I want to share what women want the church to know? What do women need from the church?

The church is not the building you go to on Sunday or that you purposefully avoid on Sunday.

The church meaning the people who are Jesus followers.

What is it you want Christians to know that women need from the church?

Maybe you are a Christian or maybe you are not.

Maybe you go to church or maybe you don’t.

Doesn’t matter to me I want all your input!

Leave your input in the comments or e-mail me!

Stay tuned to read the completed posts!

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